Do you have ANXIETY a PHOBIA or PANIC ATTACKS? Exp'd Affordable Therapist Available - (San Diego)

Posted on: 01/26/18


Are you constantly anxious? Or do you have a fear of flying, driving on freeways or of something else that gets in the way of your life? Or do you have panic attacks that can paralyze you or keep you away from possible triggers? These are all possible anxiety disorders and they can be successfully treated without a lot of suffering. Unfortunately, a lot of people respond to anxiety by avoiding situations, which often leads to avoiding more and more situations as the anxiety grows. Don't let your anxiety take over. I use a multi-prong approach to treat the symptoms (the anxiety) and the root cause of the anxiety so that it goes away and does not come back. You can read more about anxiety on my website: I have been practicing therapy for over 10 years and my clients tell me I warm, effective, supportive and non-judgmental. I welcome clients from all walks of life. I take a holistic approach, often using the mind-body connection to create positive improvements for a client. You can read more about me here: Please feel free to browse my website: or to contact me. You can reach me at: 619-787-2743 or at:

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