If you're going to be staying in a hotel soon and you don't want to get sick - (San Diego)

Posted on: 05/08/16


Even the nicest, most highly rated hotels have hidden secrets... Greenlightclean.net Cleaning Representative will come to your hotel room and sanitize and disinfect your hotel room (office or home) from wall-to-wall - removing up to 99% of disease and sickness-causing pathogens from anything that you might touch or that might touch you! Standard cleaning services found at all hotels only cleans and maintains your room. GreenlightClean's Beyond Clean services SANITIZES AND DISINFECTS your room, the only process to make your room disease and sickness-causing pathogen free! For the price of a round of Starbucks coffee.... The sad fact is that with these shared spaces come increased risks of infection from the person or persons who were there before you as standard cleaning services leave behind many of the disease and sickness causing pathogens from one or more of the previous occupants of the space in which you'll be staying or working. GreenlightClean(R) Sanitization and Disinfection services will kill and remove the disease and sickness causing pathogens hidden in your hotel room, office or home giving you that 'breath of fresh air' feeling when you enter in after we've completed our work for you and giving you peace of mind in knowing that your room, office or home is safe from germs, bacteria and viruses! GreenlightClean(R)...we are BEYOND CLEAN(TM). Visit us, online, now for information: http://www.greenlightclean.net We're here to assist you, 24-hours/7-days per week!

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