Being Ugly will Reduce Your Profits - (Oceanside)

Posted on: 01/11/18


Why is it a lot of companies and Affiliates give you a website address that is like 8 feet long? With tons of characters that look silly. When people see one of those super long urls they don't want to click it. To be frank... its ugly and costing you business. So one of the cool tools we give you in The Conversion Pros, is a Tiny URL Builder. It takes those long, ugly website addresses and makes them tiny and well clickable. When it comes to getting conversions, everything you do matters. Well, the cool part isn't that we just gave you a URL makeover, but, that our Tiny URL will track all of your traffic and tell you where you are getting results. Cool huh? Get started at NO Cost Put Your Wallet Away To get a week at no cost put in code: freeweek We look forward to a very long relationship with you and your business. Have a great day. Sincerely, Gary Hincman 7608095015

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