Realistic $$$ Digital Life Insurance Sales 5-15 Clients Call You Daily - (San Diego)

Posted on: 12/23/17


Happy New Year! PLEASE follow the directions at the bottom when replying!! Sell Insurance from home, office or wherever you wish with our prospects calling you! Sit with 40-60 Prospects a week instead of 10-20 and without putting 500-1000 miles on your car weekly. Become a Digital Life Insurance Agent - Our brand-new state of the art call center is only six months old and it's rocking! - No More Cold Calling - No More Driving to an appointment only to have no one home - Our leads are the best in the industry: business owners who have never been contacted before that already own a life policy who agree to speak with someone about upgrading their policy. We do not sell leads. - Asset-based sales are the norm! What is your conversion percentage? If you were to receive 200 customers in a month how many of them would you upgrade from the old LI to a new IUL policy? Based upon an average $1,500 of life premium - a 5% conversion ratio would bring in a monthly income of $5,250, - a 10% conversion ratio that monthly income jumps to $14,700. - a 20% conversion ratio? You're looking at $37,800 for the month due to our (unique in the industry) floating compensation package. . Digital Life Insurance Sales is the future, you do not go see them, we do everything over the phone and web, even deliver our policies over the web. We love Experienced Life Insurance agents, but also love the individual who is a newbie not licensed. We have a complete system in place to help you pass your state exam! - We have an optional live 5 day Fast-Start school in the Midwest to teach you what you need to learn in order to be successful. - We have free morning sales calls from a 7-figure earner that works some of the live cases generated that week from the call center - We have in place a submit advance program to make sure you have consistent weekly cash flow. - We also have an Equity Share program in place with the agency that is part of your contract with the agency. - Incentive Trips and much more. For consideration we need you to watch our 25 minute overview first! Once you have watched our video you then can request a one on one interview that will be done over the phone. No interviews can be conducted without you watching the video first. Please click the link to watch the video. Please note the link will have you opt in and we will ask you to provide your name and contact info. Please do not call first, We are extremely busy with customer calls all day as you will be if you are chosen to work with us. NO RESUMES PLEASE!

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