Fender US 1958 Tele Reissue - (San Diego)

Posted on: 01/04/18



2012 Fender American 1st 46 1958 Telecaster Reissue, maple neck, two color sunburst finish on a one piece lightweight ash body, in clean original excellent condition with plastic still on the pick guard, case candy and a Fender deluxe plush lined brown toluxe hard case, $850 760 727-4545. In September 2012, Fender introduced the new line of American Vintage reissues made in the Fender Custom Shop Corona, CA. The new line featured eight period correct guitars each from specific significant years in Fender history. To commemorate that Fender was founded in 1946, each model had a special edition neck plate with serial number and designation of the 1st 46 for the first of each model made in that year. In 2012, the Fender MSRP on these was $2499.99 and now list for much more.

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