Electro Acupuncture Device Acuhealth Pro 900 - $385 (Escondido)

Posted on: 12/21/17



Developed for acupuncture point stimulation by the therapist or self-treatment, the Acuhealth Pro 900 has been accepted by the professional community as an instrument affording great relief for many people suffering pain or discomfort. The Acuhealth Pro 900 is a small hand-held unit which produces minute electrical impulses that stimulate pre-determined and easy to find points on the body. Each device comes with a very well documented and easy to follow 347 pages instructional manual listing over 200 ailments. Major benefit of trans-cutaneous stimulation with electro acupuncture device is that no needles are used and acupuncture benefits can be enjoyed even by those who fear needles. Visit us at acuhealthpro900.com If you have any question, please call us at (800) 788-4284

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